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Block the Heat,... Not your View


There are many options available to homeowners regarding shading and cooling off your home interiors and patios.  No single option is best under all circumstances.  Numerous fabric types and color choices make decisions difficult.  To simplify this,  shading units fall into 5 basic types.  They are Retractable Awnings, Exterior Drop Shades, Interior Roll Down Shades, Security Shutters and fixed Solar Screen Panels.

Each of these options have their benefits and limitations.  CONTACT US for an in home consultation which will help you understand which method would best fit your needs.  We will provide you a written estimate on the best option you choose and a comparative estimate if you are divided by a secondary option. 

Other than the clear benefits of obtaining shade for your desert home there exists the continued 

savings from your utility bills.  There is no better time to get relief from our scorching desert sun.  

"Screens2u is a very competent and professional company..  I would highly recommend them."