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Other Door Options

Other Security Options

Guarda Premium Security Doors are more expensive than others. Why is that?

Guarda Premium Security Screens use genuine 316 High Tensile Strength Stainless Steel Mesh, primed with chromate and powder coated in a black finish. The Stainless Steel Mesh is woven in the same manner as typical insect screen and then secured in our extruded aluminum framing system using Guarda's patented retention system.

 They also have an easy-to-use integrated "Multi-Point-Lock" System. That's right, not one lock but three locks along the handle side for superior protection.  

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Worry-Free Security?

Guarda Premium Security Screens are designed for security applications which help prevent burglars from gaining access, while also providing homeowners with ease of use, entry, and exit. 

 They have an easy-to-use integrated "Multi-Point-Lock" System. 

If you are interested in a security door to protect against intruders, but do not like the look of unsightly bars and perforated steel mesh. You do have an option? 

Our Guarda Premium Security Screens offer a clear unobstructed view without any bars. The 316 Stainless Steel Mesh is virtually impossible

to penetrate or rip out. 

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