benefits of retractable screen doors

Now you can screen EVERY door in your home!  Retractable Screens can cover Entry doors, French Doors, Patio Doors, Sliding Doors, In- Swing Doors, Out-Swing Doors, or Terrace Doors. Screens2u has over 18,300 installations of Retractable Screens in the Coachella Valley. 

Retractable screens are approved by 99% of Homeowner Associations because of their unobstructive appearance. With 7 Standard colors and 52 custom colors these doors blend in and virtually disappear into the surrounding structure.  This us the best way to keep out the bugs without blocking your views. You will naturally cool your home by opening the doors and cut those rising energy bills in the process!

Retractable screen doors will help keep your family healthy and comfortable, and your home attractive. There when you need them and gone when you don't. 

vista view retractable Screens

We service and repair many different types of retractable screens!  If you have a screen that is not functioning properly give us a call today.

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You won't have to chase us down if you have any issues with our products.   

They Practically Disappear

maintenance of your retractable screen

Keep debris out of the bottom track.  Sand, leaves and other debris will restrict the free flow of the screen.  The solution is a simple one. Clean Dry!  Do Not hose out track with water.  this will actually solidify the dirt in the housing and restrict the screen from tracking properly.  Simply dry brush and/or minivac out this debris.    For even better performance spray silicone lubricant on the track when finished.  We find 1-2 times per year does the trick.  Our Desert winds often bring extra debris, so dry cleaning after heavy wind storms is recommended.

Don't want the fuss; 

Screens2u will perform mainteneance on your screen doors by request. For a service fee of $75 we will service up to 4 doors.  This fee only $55 during summer months from June through September.

what to do if someone walks into your screen accidentally.

Don't panic!  By slowly opening and closing the screen it will feed itself back into the track. If your screen has folded over on to itself it is important not to leave this fold for too long.   Assist as needed.